Unveiling: The NearOcto Legends Odyssey

Step into the ethereal domain of the NearOcto Legends Odyssey— an embodiment of avant-garde artistry and the indomitable spirit of two pioneering crypto forces. Birthed by the illustrious Octopus Nation, the stalwart guild behind Octopus Network, this collection transcends mere digital artistry. It represents a confluence, a gathering of souls and minds from both the Near and Octopus communities.Immerse yourself in the art's heartbeats, where the intricate nuances of anime come alive, pulsating with vivid colors, profound expressions, and a level of detail that beckons a second, third, even a fourth look. Each piece, each pixel, narrates a tale, intertwining the essence of Near and Octopus, bringing forth unique traits that echo tales of past, present, and future.Yet, the magic of NearOcto Legends doesn't plateau here. As the sands of time flow, newer, more mystifying traits shall emerge, amplifying the allure and lore of the collection. And for those privileged to hold these digital treasures, enigmatic ownership privileges loom on the horizon. The Octopus Nation, ever enshrouded in mystery, promises revelations—exclusive boons for the discerning owner of the NearOcto NFTs.In the NearOcto Legends Odyssey, artistic brilliance converges with a vibrant community spirit, crafting not just a legend, but an enduring legacy. Embark on this unparalleled journey, guided by the luminous legends of Near and Octopus, navigating the boundless expanses of the digital cosmos.


Welcome to NearOcto Legends mint! the first 1000 mint phase has started!

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How to Mint NearOcto Legends NFT

Below are the step by step guide on how to mint the collection. It could be done on both PC(recommended) and Mobile phone.

Prerequisites:You should already have a Polygon-compatible wallet set up. We recommend using MetaMask and will use MetaMask for this guide.Step 1: Obtain Polygon (MATIC):If you don't have MATIC tokens in your wallet, you can obtain them from a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer them to your Polygon wallet address. Price per NFT will be 40 matic(excluding gas).Step 2: Go to the Minting Page:Visit the NearOcto Legends minting page.
Step 3: Connect to Your Wallet:Click the "Connect to Wallet" button on the minting page.Step 4: Select Your Wallet:A pop-up list of wallet options will appear. Choose MetaMask from the list.Step 5: Approve Wallet Access:Your wallet extension (MetaMask) will ask for permission to connect to the minting page. Approve or allow this access.Step 6: Select the Number of NFTs to Mint:From the drop-down box on the minting page, select the number of NFTs you want to mint. Note that there is a maximum limit, 50 NFTs per wallet per phase.Step 7: Initiate Minting:Click the "Mint" button. This button will displays the total minting price(40matic per NFT in phase1).Step 8: Confirm the Transaction:A transaction confirmation pop-up will appear on your MetaMask wallet extension. Review the details, including gas fees, and then confirm the transaction.Step 9: Monitor Minting Process:The "Mint" button on the minting page will now change to "Minting" while the transaction is being processed on the blockchain. Once the minting is complete, it will revert to displaying the mint price.Step 10: View Your NFTs:Congratulations! You have successfully minted your NearOcto Legends NFT! You can now go to popular NFT trading platforms like OpenSea or blur.io and connect your wallet to view and manage your newly minted NFTs. Reveal of the NFT art will be announced after a few days, if your NFT art is not refreshed after review, you may manually refresh the metadata by going to opensea, open your NFT and click refresh metadata on the upper right(3 dots).Remember to keep your wallet and private keys secure throughout this process, and be aware of gas fees associated with the transaction. Ensure you have enough MATIC tokens in your wallet to cover these fees.

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